Unit 2, 106 Brent Terrace,
London NW2 1BZ (Off Tilling Road)
(location of old Barnet waste and recycle depot)

Tel: 0208 450 0115
Fax: 0208 450 0116
Email: info@kosheroutlet.org

Pesach Shopping

Wed 19th March          9am-8pm

Thur 20th March          9am-10pm

Fri    21st March          9am-2pm

Sun 23rd March           10am-8pm

Mon 24th March          10am-8pm

Tue 25th March           10am-8pm

Wed 26th March          9am-10pm

Thur 27th March          9am-10pm

Fri  28th  March           9am-2pm

Sun 30th March            10am-8pm

Mon 31st March          10am-8pm

Tue 1st  April             10am-8pm

Wed 2nd April            9am-10pm

Thur 3rd April             9am-10pm

Fri   4th April            9am-2pm

Sun 6th April              10am-8pm

Mon 7th April             10am-8pm

Tue 8th April                10am-8pm

Wed 9th April          9am-10pm

Thur 10th April         9am-10pm

Fri   11th April          9am-2pm

Sun 13th April           10am-1pm

Mon 14th April         CLOSED


Motzoei Pesach

Wed 23rd April             9am-10pm

Thur 24th April             9am-10pm




10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
9 a.m. to 2p.m. 

We are a large kosher supermarket that was opened in the summer of 2009 as a non-profit business, with a simple aim, to provide a service supplying a wide variety of goods (including groceries, toiletries, household and baby products, meat and poultry) to the kosher consumer at the lowest possible price.

You could be saving 30% and above on your weekly shopping.


PARKING! On SUNDAYS’ the whole car park is available.
Why not take advantage of this and avoid any queues!


DIRECTIONS: Travelling away from Golders Green, along Tilling Road, passing Tesco on your left,
turn left at the fifth roundabout (Photo 1), continue along the road until you see
the blue Oneida building (Photo 2) on your left. Drive through the white gates
and KO is the last building on your left (Photo 3).

Post code to use for SATNAV - NW2 1LL

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